How to Prep Your Residential HVAC System for the Upcoming Summer?

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Now that spring is about to end. Your time is about to run out before the summer kicks in; hence, you need to do it as soon as you can. Getting ready for summer can indicate that you need to clean out your entire home, put away winter clothing, make room for your summer wardrobe, and cleaning out your closet. With the incoming summer heat, you need to make sure that your home is prepared.   

Seal any air leaks  

Home air leaks can make it uncomfortable for you to reside in your home during the winter and summer months. If you can find air leaks somewhere within your home, the valuable, cool air you require for you to be comfy in your home will get out of your home as soon as your HVAC system produces it. Inspect all your windows and doors and ensure no gaps or drafts all over the door and window frames. Window stripping and door frames are the areas that usually need some fixing, Hence, make sure to check them carefully.   

Replace your air filters  

Most HVAC units contain air filters that must be changed as frequently as required. The best time to change your air filter just before the summer starts since your HVAC system will be expected to work very hard for the next months. Plus, you want to make sure that it’s moving cool and clean air into your house. However, make sure to inspect your HVAC system’s air filter and have it replaced if required. A technician from a reputable HVAC company North Port FL an inspects and replaces your HVAC’s air filter for you while checking your HVAC units during spring.   

Consider getting a humidifier.  

Humidifiers refer to air quality devices that have several types. Their use isn’t limited to summer. Plus, they can also be pretty helpful during the winter season as they can help add moisture to the area that’s been dried out by your heating system. When you’re living in a place with humid summer, then you don’t need to invest in a humidifier. But, remember that HVAC systems can usually cause the air within your home to dry out. As a result, that can exacerbate allergies and cause respiratory irritation. Moreover, a humidifier can increase your home’s humidity level and help you stay comfortable and healthy, thanks to the fine mist added to your house.   

Air out your house  

During the spring’s milder temperature, you should take this chance to air out your house. If possible, you have to take advantage of it because the summer season will be arriving as it brings the heat that causes you to keep your windows closed tight. In the spring season, take some time to open all your windows and experience the fresh air it offers. As your air is circulating all over your home, it’ll help prevent mildew and mold and remove any odors within your house.   



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